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Welcome to the long-awaited Ce/nsus results.

The collection period ran for 3 weeks from April 28th to May 19th.

Warning: Some of the results pages are relatively large (several hundred Kbs) and will take some time to load.

Results where collected and compiled by Inferno of Hear Ye!


The processing of this census was fairly gruelling and except for SQL queries was mostly manually performed. Out of 457 entries, 438 were valid enough to be included in the overall results set. Further filtering was done at the field level to pick out "did not answers" and "invalid entries" (this includes the dickheads who put in intentionally stupid data). Following is the process used to generate the statistics shown on the following pages:

  1. Close down database access
  2. Remove invalid and duplicate entries
  3. Re-enter records at the field level
    This involves making fields uniform (eg: for "Country of Birth", all these mean the same: Britain, UK, Britian. In order to simplify tallying, all fields would then have been transformed into a uniform, "Britain".)
  4. Invalidate fields of suspected non-serious entries
  5. Port To Excel
  6. Pull out required fields needed to generate result sub-sets
  7. Tally for individual fields
  8. Graph results
  9. Compile results
  10. Analysis

I have no marketing or statistics education (other than knowing what "standard deviation" means), and so I know I haven't followed any "best practices" normally used when undertaking surveys. My analyses are very brief and far from in-depth. I welcome any comments and thoughts you may have.


Page 1: Demographics - Religion, Gender, Marital Status
Page 2: Demographics - Age, Age Vs Marital Status, Birthdays
Page 3: Technology - ICQ, IM, Connections, Browser Preferences, O/S, Programming Languages
Page 4: Countries - Birth, Residence, Citizenship
Page 5: E/N - Roles, Motivation